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Diarrhoea, Excessive Itching, Persistent Flatulence, Patches of Missing Hair, Tiredness and Lethargy, and Eating Grass to make themselves sick are signs your pet may have an intolerance or sensitivity to a food or environmental item.

Don’t worry! We can help identify pet intolerances or sensitivities with a pain-free test for up to 200 common pet food ingredients and environmental influences via a small fur sample.

Dog & Cat Sensitivity Tests

Our tests can help you understand the role food intolerances and sensitivities are playing in your pets’ everyday health without leaving your home.

We have devised specialist tests for cats and dogs using world-renowned bio resonance technology – working with quantum physics to go one step further.

You’re sure to find a package to suit your needs. The essential and premium tests provide a topline overview of your pet’s reactions, providing the answers you’ll need moving forward. Or for more thorough support, we’ve developed our complete package. Armed with your kit, results, free phone-call consultation, and reactions guide, our trusted experts will be with you from start to finish.

100% Money Back Guarantee 50p Battersea Donation per Order UK-Based Testing with Comprehensive Results 100% Tailored Dog and Cat Sensitivity Tests 100% Accredited Testing Provider Fast 48-Hour Turnaround Available At-Home Testing Kit Delivered Free of Charge Free Return Postage for your Pet’s Fur Sample

Dog Sensitivity Test

45 Food Items Tested

15 Non-Food Items Tested

1 Pet’s Own Item Tested

Free Pet Grooming Brush

1-on-1 Results Consultation

Free Home Kit Delivery

Multibuy Savings Available

Battersea Donation per Order

48-Hour Results Service Available

100% Money Back Guarantee

£ 30.00

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Dog Sensitivity Test

152 Food Items Tested

48 Non-Food Items Tested

1 Pet Own Item Tested

Free Pet Grooming Brush

1-on-1 Results Consultation

Free Home Kit Delivery

Multibuy Savings Available

Battersea Donation per Order

48-Hour Results Service Available

100% Money Back Guarantee

£ 37.50

Save 25% Now!

Was: £ 50.00

Dog Sensitivity Test & Consultation

152 Food Items Tested

48 Non-Food Items Tested

1 Pet Own Item Tested

Free Pet Grooming Brush

1-on-1 Results Consultation

Free Home Kit Delivery

Multibuy Savings Available

Battersea Donation per Order

48-Hour Results Service Available

100% Money Back Guarantee

£ 70.00

Save 25% Now!

Was: £ 95.00

Cat Sensitivity Test

148 Food Items Tested

52 Non-Food Items Tested

1 Pet’s Own Item Tested

Free Pet Grooming Brush

1-on-1 Results Consultation

Free Home Kit Delivery

Multibuy Savings Available

Battersea Donation per Order

48-Hour Results Service Available

100% Money-Back Guarantee

£ 37.50

Save 25% Now!

Was: £ 50.00

How it Works

Accredited Bioresonance Testing

We test pet hair. It’s less invasive.

Our bioresonance testing process uses fur samples to test against 200 food and non-food items. Fur is used for several reasons:

Less invasive
No needles necessary and we only require a small fur sample.

Test more items
Bioresonance testing allows us to test against a larger number of items than a conventional blood test.

Fast results
Testing is completed quickly and efficiently with results conveniently emailed.

Hair testing is actioned much faster in the testing laboratory than blood testing and contains fewer processes, this means it costs less to do the test, which allows us to pass the savings onto our customers.

Meet the Team

IPHM accredited

"I have been working in the food intolerance industry for over 8 years now and I really enjoy it.  There is always something new to learn and we get to help hundreds of people every day.  Being part of a team that has a great positive outlook and great values really makes me happy and feel very lucky to do the job I do.   

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, taking trips to new places and seeing live music!"

Emma is a qualified Advanced Bio-Resonance Practitioner and is accredited with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and most recently completed the clinical health level (level 2) of the qualification.


"I get a lot of satisfaction working at our company by the fact I feel I am helping people to manage their symptoms and enable themselves to feel better about their health. 

Everyone is so friendly who works here, it makes coming to work so enjoyable, which is very important to me.

I love spending time with my family and friends and baking delicious cakes for them.’

Rebecca is a qualified bio-resonance practitioner (level 1)


"My favorite pastimes are reading and watching films, I love to go walking with friends and finding museums to go explore and learn something new!

One of the best parts of the day is the fact we are constantly laughing, making jokes, and having a generally lovely time –
it really does make the day go faster and pushes us to be the best we can for our customers."

Caitlin is a qualified bio-resonance practitioner (level 1)


"It is nice to be part of a team that has the same goals in mind, we help each other throughout the day and we all get on so very well. 

We are lucky that our team is so positive so we can pass that positive energy through to our customers.

I love being with my friends in my spare time, we go snowboarding quite a lot, but I also like to read a good book and relax."

Katie is currently a trainee bio-resonance technician.


"Working as part of the testing team means that we get to see lots of wonderful photos that people send to us of their families and their pets, so every time we get one it is a great reminder of what our testing can offer people.  The team are excellent bakers too, making lunchtimes and birthdays very tasty!

I love the peace and quiet at the end of the day when the children are in bed, nice long walks in the countryside and relaxing with friends."

Bex is currently a trainee bio-resonance technician.

Get Extra with Premium Tests

Test an additional item of your choice.

We are the only UK company to offer customers the chance to send in an item that may be causing digestive discomfort to their pet.

This can be anything from their regular food, treats, shampoo, material(s) or grass and plants.

Customer Feedback

I sent for a petfood intolerance kit for my cat. She seemed to be heaving some nights and slightly vomit. The reply came back of a few allergies, in particular, yoghurt. She loved to lick yoghurt pots out but thanks to the report, I’ve stopped that. She’s a lot better. Thankyou

Lynn Walters

My fluffy black cat has had a problem with itching for years now often breaking skin and leaving some lovely red blood spots on my bed, since lockdown I decided to find out why and him this test. Best decision ever, within a few weeks of getting the test back I eliminated certain foods from his diet, namely cod, and the itching has ceased and my sheets are spotless!!! Would recommend to anyone, wish I’d of done it sooner.


Absolutely fantastic service! Took 4 days to arrive & 1 week after I posted I received my results! Such a simple & easy way to find out what could be irritating my dog! Thank you so much for all your help 🙂

Millie S

Amazing customer service, really helpful and answered any questions promptly. This company genuinely cares for its customers 🙂

Emma Smith

Very pleased with the service received. Detailed results identifying potential triggers – made several adjustments to her (my pet) diet, and less treats from the table too! what can I say – a much happier lady (and owner!). Her fur is growing back nicely, and is far calmer overall and nearly back to her old self. I can’t thank you enough.

Julie W

Excellent service all round. Test was simple to do and results received within a week. I had already suspected my pup was sensitive to cheese and chicken and the test confirmed this! I also found out he is sensitive to grass and yaks. Definitely worth doing for your pet.

Linda Williams

Couldn’t believe the speed with which the results for our dog came back. I found them clear and easy to understand and we have now changed our dogs diet to eliminate some things she was showing a high reaction to. Definitely value for money.

A. Clemmo

Excellent service from start to finish. The report was easy to understand and they were only too happy to answer any questions I had afterwards. Thank you for an excellent service and after sales support.

Odette Tovey

Sara and Ava’s journey…

The team has been wonderful for us and we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

At 4 months old our new puppy, Ava, suddenly started to lose her hair in two places and we couldn’t understand why? She had a good diet, plenty of exercise and was on an expensive hypoallergenic food plan but alas the situation just got worse and worse.

We contacted our vet …. oh what a minefield! He told us that millions of things could be causing this but ‘let’s go down the easy treatment route first (this seemed costly but we went with it), we used drops and creams – still no improvement (if anything it looked like she was going to lose her hair all over her head and all up one arm) we were desperate for some indication of what was causing this and it was at that point I was recommended to try the service to see if it was some sort of food intolerance or sensitivity.

We purchased the premium test and they sent us a kit to collect Ava’s fur sample. We sent away some of Ava’s fur and within a week I got an email with her results.

They were able to indicate to us what items in her life were possibly causing this – in our case cheese was one of the things that we were advised to stop and we did stop giving it to her as one of her treats. We also cut out other dairy products as well and what a massive difference it has made.

Within the last six weeks, her fur has started to re grow in both areas and thicken in the worry spots she had coming. This has been a game changer for us, it has been such a worry, we honestly thought that our beautiful puppy would lose her fur completely but we feel that we have finally turned the corner. Thank you so much, we can’t rate you highly enough.

Sara and Ava from Staffordshire



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If you are not 100% satisfied with your pet’s results, have followed all recommendations for 4 to 6 weeks, and see no improvement in their symptoms, simply connect with a member of our friendly support team to arrange a refund.

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